Nicole Coustier

High-performance healthcare and health tech coaching for Founders and executives striving for success.

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About Nicole Coustier

Nicole Coustier is an experienced US healthcare/health tech advisor and performance coach for Founders and other executive high achievers working in demanding industries.

With 25 years of experience in business development and sales, strategy, operations, management, and program design in the areas of epidemiology, life sciences, patient advocacy, government policy, Nicole is an expert in the field of healthcare.

She provides investors and founders with guidance to close any gaps that could stunt product uptake, as well as alternate use cases.

Nicole’s executive coaching is based on her years of experience working in senior management and the expertise she gained from leading a small consultancy through the 2008 recession.

She also helps parents manage the intersection of business and home and provides clients with the opportunity to experience their definition of success.

Having Nicole as a podcast guest will bring a wealth of knowledge and insight on the US healthcare industry.

She has experience and expertise in business, startups, and management, as well as life sciences and technology.

With her studio quality microphone and webcam, Nicole is ready for a remote podcast experience.

With her years of experience and knowledge, Nicole is the perfect podcast guest to talk about the US healthcare industry and provide advice to founders and executive high achievers.

Nicole's extensive background in business development, sales, and management, combined with her executive coaching expertise, make her an ideal guest to provide valuable insights and advice to your audience.