Nicole Draper

"Empowering female professionals to overcome burnout and achieve career success."

About Nicole Draper

Nicole Draper is a dual certified Health and Life Coach, an ACE Behavior Change Specialist, and an experienced mentor for female professionals suffering from burnout as a result of their continuous struggle to achieve career success.

With her own personal experience, Nicole has developed an incredible program to help women achieve balance and peace in their lives without sacrificing the meaningful things.

Nicole is based in Grand Rapids, United States and is fluent in English.

Her interests include education, life coaching, self-improvement, business, female health and lifestyle, and careers.

She is well-equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam and is available for remote podcast interviews.

Nicole Draper is an expert in burnout and career success and is passionate about helping female professionals achieve balance and peace in their lives.

With her own personal experience and dual certification, she would make a great podcast guest who can speak on the topic with knowledge and real-life perspective.