Noah Healy

An experienced public speaker offering a unique and insightful perspective.

About Noah Healy

Noah Healy is an experienced public speaker and conversationalist specializing in mathematics, philosophy, cooking, and fiction from Charlottesville, VA.

He is currently working towards adoption of a superior marketplace technique to upgrade the economy.

Noah has diverse topics of interest in the technology, science, government, and business fields, including FinTech, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

His equipment includes a USB/External Microphone and Webcam, and he is available for both in-person and remote engagements on weekends and weekdays.

Noah's unique perspective and experience makes him a great guest for any podcast.

With his diverse knowledge of the fields of mathematics, philosophy, economics, and entrepreneurship, he is sure to bring a fresh and engaging perspective to any conversation.

His experience as a public speaker is sure to make him an engaging and entertaining guest on any podcast.