Oscar Armas-Luy

Maximize sales with a world-class SaaS executive - combining the science and art of selling for exponential growth.

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About Oscar Armas-Luy

Oscar Armas-Luy is an executive with extensive experience building world-class SaaS organizations.

He combines the science and art of selling to drive growth.

Oscar holds an undergraduate degree in Finance and is finishing up his MBA in Innovation Management at Temple University.

He is the Director of Sales Operations at Phenom People, a Philadelphia-based AI startup that recently raised $100M in Series D Funding.

His writing has been published in a number of publications, including Towards Data Science, Making A Millionaire, Hackernoon, Better Marketing, and more.

Oscar is also an Executive Co-Producer for a short film in Los Angeles.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Oscar is a member of the Executive Board for the Rotary Club of Philadelphia Foundation, which has granted over 50 non-profits in Philadelphia.

Oscar Armas-Luy is a great fit for any podcast looking to have a guest covering topics such as SaaS, sales, startups, careers, artificial intelligence, investing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and filmmaking.

His professional experience, combined with his MBA and his writing in major publications, make him an ideal guest.

Oscar is available for both in-person and remote conversations, and is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and Webcam.

He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and has a wide range of interests that make him a great contributor to any podcast.