Papa Ray Hurst

Inspiring and empowering others to heal and discover their true purpose.

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About Papa Ray Hurst

Papa Ray Hurst is a Holistic Personal Transformation Coach and international speaker passionate about helping people be better by understanding themselves.

He has survived two major depressions and now helps others to change the meaning of what happened in their past so it will not be a part of their future.

Papa Ray has a powerful transformation tool known as 'A Father's Blessing', which he uses to touch people's hearts and lives of all ages and backgrounds.

He has seen families restored and lives radically changed after people received this blessing.

Papa Ray is also an author, pastor, missionary, artist, and poet who has started and run three companies and a ministry.

Papa Ray is an ideal podcast guest.

With over 36 years of marriage experience, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

His unique 'Father's Blessing' transformation tool has had a profound impact on the lives of people from all backgrounds.

He can provide real-life examples of how to heal the wounds of absent and abusive fathers, and how to find one's purpose.

His enthusiasm for helping others makes him a warm and engaging guest with a compelling story to tell.