Patricia Smith Griffin

Preserving your legacy for generations to come - Genealogist & Legacy Building Expert, Max.

About Patricia Smith Griffin

Patricia Smith Griffin is a historian, genealogist, and the founder of Charity's Children Project, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and maintaining the legacies of African American families.

With a strong matriarchal line back to the 1802 abolitionist and Underground Railroad conductor, Charity Davis Ceasar Broady, Patricia is an expert in uncovering family histories and the stories that have been passed down through the generations.

Through her research and passion projects, she has become a staunch advocate for women's rights and is committed to teaching others about the importance of preserving their family's legacy.

Patricia is a great potential podcast guest for anyone looking to discuss topics related to history, legacy building, genealogy, African American history, slave trauma, the Underground Railroad, women's rights, and entrepreneurship.

With her experience and expertise, she can provide listeners with valuable insight into the history of her family, the importance of uncovering family legacies, and the power of matriarchy.

Pitch: Patricia Smith Griffin is an historian, genealogist, and legacy building expert who can offer unique perspectives on uncovering family histories, the importance of preserving legacies, and powerful stories from the Underground Railroad.

She is the perfect guest for any podcast looking for an experienced speaker who can provide valuable insight and knowledge on these topics.