Patrick Melder, MD

"Exploring the potential of Bitcoin to advance God's kingdom: A Christian thought leader at the intersection of faith and cryptocurrency."

About Patrick Melder, MD

Patrick Melder, MD is a pioneering Christian thought leader and an experienced Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon and Sleep Specialist.

He graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and holds nearly thirty US and international patents.

Patrick is an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate and has been an elder and lay missions pastor.

He has been on numerous mission trips to Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Ukraine and is passionate about God’s mission to the ends of the earth.

Patrick first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 and has since written extensively about Bitcoin’s truths and the impact it has on believers and non-believers.

He hosts a weekly podcast: Mission:Bitcoin, wherein he interviews guests and discusses the intersection between Bitcoin and Christian faith.

With his experience, expertise and knowledge, Patrick is sure to be a great potential podcast guest.

He has the ability to provide deep insight into the intersection of faith and cryptocurrency and is well-versed in the topic.