Paul Harvey

Find your Passion and Purpose: Unlock the Meaning of Life with Max.

About Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey is a speaker and podcast guest with a wealth of experience in business, marketing, and personal development.

His background includes 10 years as Head of the Development team for an international retail and garment business, and 200+ businesses supported as a Marketing Coach and Business Advisor.

For the past two years, Paul has been developing a podcast called Life Passion & Business.

Through 100+ interviews, Paul has discovered the power of asking the right questions in order to shift a static mindset towards achieving anything.

In April 2020, Paul and his wife launched Virtual Events called Living Beyond The Change, Reasons & Results, and Spirit-duality.

These events have been a success in helping people adapt to a new way of living and working.

Paul has also trained in acting and singing, and completed a Personal Development Facilitator training course.

He is well-versed in Toastmasters and is currently training for a marathon in October 2022.

As a podcast guest, Paul is able to help audiences find their passion and purpose and apply it to all aspects of their lives.

He has a deep understanding of business, marketing, communication, and personal development.

His inspiring stories and powerful questions will help your listeners find meaning and direction.