Paul Tozour

Game industry veteran and longevity hacker: Unlocking the secrets of leadership and life.

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About Paul Tozour

Paul Tozour is a 25+ year game industry veteran who is soon to publish a book on leadership in the game industry.

He is a former game developer and a dedicated longevity biohacker who has been described by Olympian Stephen McCain as "The World's Most Interesting Biohacker".

Paul holds the unique distinction of having been genetically modified twice, and regularly gets regenerative plasma exchange treatments.

He is also the owner and General Manager of Mothership Entertainment, and has worked in a wide range of design, production, programming, and technical design roles across the industry since 1994.

He holds a Master’s of Science in Engineering from the Executive Master’s in Technology Management (EMTM) program at the University of Pennsylvania, and is passionate about applying modern management science to video game development culture.

Paul is a great potential podcast guest as he has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the game industry, and can provide invaluable insight into leadership, biohacking, and longevity.

With his ability to explain complex subjects in a clear and understandable way, Paul can be a fantastic guest on any podcast.