Peter Rosch

Max's decades in the creative industries have yielded stories, awards, and experiences - both highs and lows.

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About Peter Rosch

Peter Rosch is an award-winning writer and recovering addict whose decades in advertising, music, and film introduced him to more than a few bad habits.

His current project is the promotion of his third novel, Future Skinny, which is a work of addiction-fiction, a psychological thriller that resonates with those who have control issues.

Peter is a natural storyteller, conversationalist and listener, and he is well-versed in topics such as sobriety, fatherhood, travel, advertising, and more.

He is also an advocate of epic sobriety and has been a live radio guest and interviewed in papers and magazines.

As a podcast guest, Peter Rosch would be a great asset for any show looking to discuss topics such as addiction, sobriety, and self-improvement.

His experiences in marketing, music, and film give him a unique perspective and anecdotes that will captivate any audience.

Additionally, his ability to tell stories and his natural conversationalist skills make him the perfect guest for any podcast.