Phil Fraser

Maximising SME potential: Business Sounding Board helping owners avoid lonely journeys to success.

About Phil Fraser

Phil Fraser is a highly experienced and knowledgeable business expert with vast experience in the field.

With over 12 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Phil has gone from starting a business with no investment to a multi-million pound sale to a PLC.

Phil now acts as a business sounding board, helping SME owners to not be lonely at the top.

With his extensive experience, Phil has appeared on over 40 podcasts around the globe.

Phil's mantra is "it doesn't need to be lonely at the top." He gives SME owners the time and space to discuss their challenges and opportunities.

Phil also volunteers as a mentor with organizations such as The Prince's Trust and Young Enterprise, and is an active Angel Investor.

Phil Fraser is an ideal podcast guest, with his vast experience, knowledge, and expertise in the business field.

With his wealth of experience in the business world, he can offer listeners a unique insight into the challenges and successes of the business world.

He can also provide a unique and fresh perspective on the issues faced by SME owners, as well as inspiring stories of success.

Phil would be a perfect fit as a podcast guest, offering listeners a unique and valuable insight into the business world.