Philip Hill

Dynamic entrepreneur with engaging insights on business and marketing.

About Philip Hill

Philip Hill is an outspoken and engaging entrepreneur who has extensive experience in business, DTC, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.

With 18 hours left to graduate from the University of Alabama, Philip quit school to build his first e-commerce business under the guidance of a renowned DTC exec.

Since then, Philip has built a number of companies and bought into existing businesses, with most revolving around online lead generation.

Philip's success has resulted in a large social media following and the attention of friends and family, prompting him to start his own agency, Purebred Marketing.

His agency combines traditional digital marketing tactics with creative strategies, such as building commission-only salesforces for e-commerce stores.

Philip is extremely knowledgeable with a wealth of business and marketing experience.

He is located in Atlanta, United States and can speak English fluently.

Philip is available to engage in both in-person and remote meetings, and is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam.

Philip Hill is an ideal podcast guest, with his wealth of knowledge in business and marketing and his eagerness to share his experience and insights.

With his creative approach and enthusiasm, Philip is sure to bring an exciting and engaging presence to your podcast.