"30+ years of psychotherapy experience, helping America find healing solutions through a unique book."

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Phyllis Leavitt is a psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience and a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Antioch University.

She has dedicated her career to helping children, families, couples, and individual adults, and has published two books, A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire.

She is currently writing a book on what it would mean to bring America to therapy, which seeks to answer how America has come to such a place of toxic divisiveness and increasing politically sanctioned violence.

Her understanding of psychology and therapy have enabled her to identify the understandings and skills that are essential not only to live safe and fulfilling lives, but to prevent violence and abuse and to protect the sanctity of all life.

Phyllis' unique experience and expertise make her an excellent potential podcast guest.

She has a wealth of knowledge to share and her story of success is inspiring.

Her insights and advice could help listeners understand how to heal human relationships, prevent violence, and build a more unified and peaceful society.

Phyllis has the ability to engage in thoughtful conversations that can make a real difference in people's lives.

She is available for both weekends and weekdays and can provide remote guest format.