Priestess Francesca

"Unlock the power of connection: explore how sex and living intersect with Max."

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About Priestess Francesca

Priestess Francesca is an erotic activist, sexual revolutionary, and advocate for collective liberation through erotic embodiment of all forms.

Francesca is the trusted professional sex worker for seekers, revolutionaries, creatives, and innovators on a healing, growth and transformation journey.

Francesca has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Health Magazine, and Grand Central Publishing and as she champions her vision of a world where hands on sexual healing and education are not only normalized but highly valued.

To cultivate her own sensibilities, Francesca walks a path of Priestess ordination through HER Mystery School, learns essential skills needed to guide powerful hands-on sexual transformational methods through the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), acquires professional certification in the field of somatic sexology and sex/relationship coaching with Somatica Institute, and trains as a Certified Dominatrix through The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy.

Francesca has founded The School of Erotic Mysteries and specializes in creating safe, intimate, ecstatic, and cathartic spaces for all humans to explore their vulnerable sexual desires as a pathway to authentic liberation.

Priestess Francesca's unique perspective and experience would make her a great potential podcast guest.

Her work in the field of sexuality makes her an expert on the topic, and her passion for the subject matter is evident in her writing and speaking.

She is a compelling speaker who is sure to engage and educate her audience.