Ray Sidney-Smith

Small business success through digital marketing, productivity & tech: Powered by a seasoned podcaster.

About Ray Sidney-Smith

Ray Sidney-Smith is a seasoned podcaster, speaker, author, consultant, and technology strategist.

Ray has worked tirelessly for the past 21 years in the small business start-up, management, and marketing fields.

He is the President and CEO of W3 Consulting, Inc., a consultancy providing small business marketing strategy development and management/operations using Web, mobile, social, and digital technologies.

Ray is also a Google Small Business Advisor for Productivity, an Evernote Certified Consultant, an Evernote Regional Leader for North America, and a Hootsuite Global Brand Ambassador.

Ray is often invited to speak to SMB audiences and conduct strategy sessions with small business owners on topics such as small business management, productivity technology, and digital marketing.

In his spare time, Ray has been organizing the two largest personal productivity Meetup groups in the United States for over a decade.

Ray has an extensive knowledge of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and time, task, team, project, energy, and performance management.

He hosts and facilitates several personal productivity podcasts, often providing lessons in two minutes or less.

Ray has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to be a great potential podcast guest.

Pitch: Ray Sidney-Smith is a knowledgeable and experienced podcaster, speaker, author, consultant, and technology strategist.

His extensive knowledge in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, time, task, team, project, energy, and performance management, makes him the perfect podcast guest for any topic related to productivity, digital marketing, and technology.

Ray's ability to explain complex topics in a simplified way is sure to make him an engaging guest on any podcast.