Richard Bagdonas

Maximizing health and wellness: "Fit for Any Battle" with bestselling author.

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About Richard Bagdonas

Richard Bagdonas is a best-selling author, bodybuilder, and cancer survivor.

He is the author of Fit for Any Battle, a book that has become a bestseller on Amazon for topics such as cancer, lifespan development, alternative therapies, and injuries & rehabilitation.

Richard's story is one of resilience, as he has overcome stage IV cancer and COVID pneumonia.

He has been sharing his journey and workout regimen through his dedicated community of FitFAB warriors, and now hopes to share this same knowledge and experience through podcasts.

Richard is a highly knowledgeable speaker on health and fitness, specializing in alternative health, fitness, female health & lifestyle, and male health & lifestyle.

He is based in Austin, United States, and is fluent in English.

He is also equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam for remote podcast participation.

Furthermore, he is available both on weekends and weekdays for in-person and remote podcast appearances.

Let Richard be your podcast guest and have him share his knowledge and experience of overcoming major health obstacles and designing a fitness regimen to win.

His story of resilience and determination will surely inspire and motivate your audience.