Rob Durant

"Unlock Increased Sales Rep Performance and Retention: Learn How I Drove 2X Quota, Reduced Turnover By 5% and Halved Ramp Times."

About Rob Durant

Rob Durant is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and business professional.

With a father who has dedicated his life to teaching in public schools, Rob was inspired to pursue a career in business.

After graduating from college, he began his career with the Walt Disney Company, learning the art and science of customer service.

He then moved to Boston and began working for the phone company, where he first became a successful sales representative.

Rob's true passion, however, has always been teaching.

He has since transitioned to sales leadership, sales training, and sales operations.

He has been able to help numerous start-ups enter their hyper-growth phase and implement his own system for success, Flywheel Results(TM).

Through this system, he has been able to drastically reduce new hire turnover rates, reduce the time it takes to ramp for new hires by half, and more than double the number of reps at full quota attainment.

Rob Durant is an experienced and competent speaker who would be a great addition to any podcast.

His expertise in sales enablement, customer service, and teaching makes him a valuable asset to any podcast.

His unique experiences and strong knowledge on the subject could provide a lot of insight to your audience.

Rob has a lot to offer and would be a great potential podcast guest.