Robert Greiner

Technology leader passionate about building exceptional teams with a human-centric focus - let's talk leadership and careers!

About Robert Greiner

Robert Greiner is a technology executive and enterprise architect with 14+ years of diversified IT leadership experience.

He puts a strong focus on developing exceptional scalable teams with a human-centric approach.

Robert has demonstrated success in designing and implementing strategic initiatives at some of the world's largest and most complex organizations.

He is passionate about helping new leaders, sharing the hard-earned knowledge and experience he has gained over the years, and making the world better for his children.

Robert has extensive experience in delivering engaging content on topics such as personal productivity, financial independence, leadership, and team building.

He has presented to audiences of all shapes and sizes and recently started a podcast with two colleagues.

Robert is available on weekends and weekdays to be a remote podcast guest and is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

With his extensive experience and strong human-centric approach, Robert Greiner is an ideal podcast guest.

His deep understanding of technology, leadership, and team building, as well as his passion for helping new leaders, make him an excellent choice for any podcast looking to bring on an experienced guest.