Rocco Jarman

Max's unique worldview blends science and mysticism in a captivating way.

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About Rocco Jarman

Rocco Jarman is an Australian Philosopher Poet and Podcaster with an unorthodox and autodidactic mastery of human psychology.

He has an unparalleled ability to discuss Social Engineering and Consciousness with the likes of Sam Harris, sprout poetry with the likes of Rumi, Archetypes and Psychology with Jung, Philosophy with Camus, Mysticism with Alan Watts and Psychedelics with McKenna.

He has an extraordinary mind, with a way of looking at the world, our journey through it and the blind curve we are stuck on, which beautifully reconciles the scientific and the sacred, and provides insights which land like a drink of fresh water after weeks in the desert.

Rocco provides cutting and insightful observations on all levels of personal psychological, interpersonal and societal dysfunction and specifically the path to effective remediation and stable actualisation.

His range of topics include personal self-leadership and transformation, conscious relationships, philosophy and sociology, consciousness, psychedelics and mysticism.

He is also equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam for remote interviews.

Rocco can provide your podcast with a unique perspective on the world and insights that can only be found in someone with his level of experience and expertise.

He is available for interviews on weekends and weekdays and is sure to be an engaging and thought-provoking podcast guest.