Rodman Schley

Experience exponential growth with Rodman: Real-life lessons for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

About Rodman Schley

Rodman Schley is a real estate investment expert, serial entrepreneur, award-winning and Emmy nominated television producer and host, published author, executive consultant and keynote speaker.

With 25 businesses under his belt, Rodman has made his mark in the commercial and residential real estate investment and valuation industry.

He is the founder and CEO of Commercial Valuation Consultants and has invested in millions of dollars of real estate, and has been involved in the valuation of more than $10 billion in commercial real estate.

Rodman is also the creator, executive producer and host of the hit PBS show Urban Conversion, which has aired in more than 300 markets in the U.

S. and on the Create TV Channel, in Portugal, Greece and numerous other countries internationally.

The show won 30 Telly awards for entertainment, social responsibility and education, and was nominated for an Emmy in 2020.

Rodman has also overseen poker programming and comedy specials, including the nationally televised hit “Delete”.

As a speaker, Rodman brings real-life lessons on evolving exponentially personally and professionally as real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

His expert knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as his inspiring stories, make him a great potential guest for any podcast.

His diverse background, innovative approaches and ability to engage an audience make him an ideal candidate to share his insights with the world.

Rodman is an entertaining and engaging speaker who can provide interesting and insightful commentary on real estate investment and entrepreneurship.