Roger Ford

Roger Ford: Championing a Hybrid Energy Future Powered by Renewables & Bioenergy.

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About Roger Ford

Roger Ford is a respected leader in the energy and agriculture industries, with a proven track record of success in both fields.

He currently serves as the President of Eureka Energy Corporation, a leading provider of innovative energy solutions that are focused on reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels.

He is a visionary leader who is always looking for ways to improve and enhance the energy industry and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the sector.

Roger holds a Master of Arts in National Security from American Military University, where he developed a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of national security and the impact of energy on global stability.

Along with this, he earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pikeville, where he honed his critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

He is a proud member of Pi Gamma Mu and International Golden Key Society, two organizations that recognize academic excellence and foster global understanding.

Roger is an advocate for renewable energy and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

He is a driving force behind the development of hemp both in Kentucky and nationally as a viable cash crop, and he has worked tirelessly to promote the growth of the hemp industry.

Roger is a great potential podcast guest because of his impressive background and expertise in the energy and agriculture industries.

His in-depth knowledge of national security, sustainability, and environmental responsibility makes him a great candidate to provide a unique and inspiring perspective on a range of topics.

His commitment to transparency and collaboration makes him a great fit for any podcast.