Ron Shigeta

"Max: Investing in Life Sciences and Food Innovation at the Cutting Edge"

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About Ron Shigeta

Ron Shigeta is a VC investor, scientist, and entrepreneur on the edge of life sciences and food.

With over a decade of experience in the startup world, Ron has worked with over 100 startups and has been involved in scores of funding events.

He has a deep understanding of the business landscape, investing, life sciences, medicine, and food and drink.

Ron has the necessary equipment to participate in both in-person and remote interviews and is available for weekend and weekday engagements.

Ron Shigeta is the perfect podcast guest to bring a unique perspective to your show.

With his diverse background, Ron can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any discussion on investing, startups, life sciences, medicine, food and drink.

His expertise makes him an invaluable source of insight and information, ideal for any podcast looking to explore the latest trends in these areas.