Sally Pullinger

Motivational Speaker: Helping You Find Spiritual Fulfillment Through Dialogue and Passion.

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About Sally Pullinger

Sally Pullinger is a professional full-trance medium and Priestess of Avalon from Glastonbury, UK.

She has been working with her Spirit Guide Chung Fu for over forty years and has been guided by wonderful healers and trained by trance medium Ivy Northage and her guide Chan.

Sally and her family opened their home in 2000 to host groups and individuals wishing to work with spirit and have since facilitated many people through a deep process of spiritual self-development.

Sally and her family have gone through intense initiations and are passionate about sharing their teachings of personal truth and honesty, of love that holds space for the healing of each other's shadow aspects.

Sally is also an exceptionally talented musician, running the Avalonian Free State Choir, a Goddess rock band called Divine Roots, and has an extensive collection of original compositions and chants.

As a professional speaker, Sally is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam and is available for remote engagements on weekdays and weekends.

With her decades of experience and expertise as a professional full trance medium and Priestess of Avalon, Sally Pullinger is an ideal podcast guest to bring a unique perspective to topics such as spirituality, mental health, alternative health, self-improvement, and music.

Her passion and enthusiasm for her work and extroverted personality make her an engaging and inspiring guest to have on any show.