Sandra Hartsell

"A Nurse turned Homeschooler: 15 years of inspiring children with stories and lessons from"

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About Sandra Hartsell

Sandra Hartsell is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker, with a background in nursing, homeschooling and writing.

She has written several books, including the “A Call to the Christians”, “Adam Petty’s Heartbeat”, “Let’s Go Feed the Animals”, and “Latch Key Kids”.

She is an engaging public speaker, having videos on YouTube, and photographs on Fine Art America.

Her work can also be found on Authors Den.

Sandra has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge in the areas of nursing, homeschooling, writing and education for kids.

She has homeschooled children for 15 years and loves to share her knowledge with others.

She is an enthusiastic speaker and her books and works are loved by many.

Her vast experience provides a great opportunity for podcast hosts looking for a knowledgeable guest.

With her years of experience and expertise, Sandra Hartsell would make a great potential podcast guest.

She has an interesting story to tell, and her knowledge and expertise in nursing, homeschooling, writing and education for kids is unparalleled.

She has already demonstrated her ability to engage and delight audiences, and her passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise makes her an ideal podcast guest.