Santa Molina-Marshall

Maximizing Health & Wellbeing - Holistic Psychotherapist, Author, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Interfaith Minister & Massage Therapist.

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About Santa Molina-Marshall

Santa Molina-Marshall is a highly experienced, compassionate and dedicated Clinical Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with over 26 years of experience in providing services to the community.

She is a certified massage therapist, integral yoga teacher, Reiki Master and ordained Interfaith Minister.

Santa is also a celebrated healer, the author of “Running Through Darkness: Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior”, and was awarded the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 2014 Visionary Voice Award for her outstanding work in the field of anti-sexual violence.

Santa has a deep passion for helping people recognize the effects of trauma and tap into their innate strength to heal from it.

She has developed a holistic approach to addressing the needs of trauma survivors that includes addressing the body, mind and spirit.

Santa is a great potential podcast guest due to her expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of trauma, mental health, sexuality, spirituality and more.

Her passionate and relatable stories of her own experiences as a survivor of family violence and sexual abuse will offer listeners the opportunity to gain insight and learn how to better cope with difficult experiences.