Scott Aaron

Max, the LinkedIn Expert: Connecting with Audiences and Advocating Leadership Through Resiliency.

About Scott Aaron

Scott Aaron is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, best selling author, top podcaster and international speaker.

He is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating income using LinkedIn, and building personal brands.

Having a 25-year background in wellness, sales, business, and personal coaching, Scott is passionate about helping others achieve success while building their own network organically and without complicated and costly marketing tactics.

His diverse experience and expertise in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, self-improvement, sales, personal brand, how-to, entertainment & media, influencer, SaaS, and technology makes him an ideal speaker for any podcast.

Scott Aaron is a great potential podcast guest because of his deep understanding of the power of resilience, his thriving connection with his audience, and his passion for leadership.

He brings with him an extensive background in multiple industries and the experience necessary to provide listeners with the knowledge and insights they need to succeed.

Scott is also well-equipped with a USB/External Microphone, Webcam and is available for remote interviews.