Scott Feld

Fun, knowledgeable speaker empowering tweens and teens, plus a book for younger kids!

About Scott Feld

Scott Feld is a dad, husband, and business owner with vast experience in working with kids of all ages.

He is the founder of MindZenMotion, a company which offers Power Parties, Power Quests, Power Speaking, and Dax to the Max.

Scott is an accomplished speaker and author, having written a book for younger kids and a powerful yet fun course for tweens and teens.

He is based in Carlsbad, California, and is a native English speaker.

His podcast guest equipment includes a built-in microphone and webcam.

He is available for in-person or remote interviews on weekdays.

Scott is a great potential podcast guest due to his energy, knowledge, and expertise.

He has been working with kids for over 25 years, and his professional experience combined with his fun and energetic approach makes him an ideal guest to discuss topics such as education, life coaching, and kids & family.

His powerful yet fun course and book for younger kids also make him a great candidate for podcasts that discuss education, parenting, and family life.