Sebastian Pakciarz

Dynamic HOST of SRB Podcast - Exploring Life, Business, and Sports with Exciting Guests!

About Sebastian Pakciarz

Sebastian Pakciarz is a highly experienced and knowledgeable speaker based in Miami, US.

He speaks both English and Spanish fluently and has a deep understanding of business, careers, influencer arts, sports, and life coaching.

He has a built-in microphone and webcam and is available for guest appearances on weekends and weekdays.

Sebastian is the host of the SRB Podcast, where he talks to guests about their life experiences, business lessons, and sports.

His mission is to share his guests' life stories and career advice with those who need it.

With his deep understanding of business, careers, and life coaching, Sebastian is the perfect choice for any podcast looking for expert advice and interesting stories.

His flexible schedule allows him to collaborate with any podcast and his expertise and knowledge makes him a great potential guest.