Shane Pokroy

Connecting psychology & spirituality: Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) exploring mindfulness, science, & more.

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About Shane Pokroy

Shane Pokroy is a qualified Registered Psychotherapist based in Toronto, Canada.

He is passionate about exploring spirituality, mindfulness, science, and the human experience.

Growing up in South Africa in a Jewish community, Shane has an interesting background and perspective to draw from.

Shane has a degree in philosophy and psychology, and he is obsessed with learning and exploring life and the universe.

His podcast, Underground Antics, focuses on exploring the wonderous nature of life and the human experience with good conversations and stories of transformation, spirituality, scientific exploration, creativity, consciousness, and more.

Shane has a unique easy-going personality that makes him an engaging and entertaining guest.

He has a diverse range of topics he can bring to the conversation, ranging from science and philosophy to relationships and mental health.

In addition, Shane has a strong interest in mindfulness and discussing the practical and mystical aspects of the practice.

With experience in podcasting, Shane is a great potential podcast guest.

His life experiences and knowledge make him a fascinating guest that will bring unique conversations and perspectives to the table.

He is a great storyteller and a passionate speaker that will leave listeners feeling inspired and motivated.