Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA

Tax-savvy entrepreneur with proven success: I've saved $600M in taxes and ready to help you.

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About Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA

Shauna A.

Wekherlien is an experienced CPA and owner of the Tax Goddess, rated among the top 1% of tax strategists in the U.


She has saved almost $600 Million dollars with her tax advice, and has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Shauna has also been featured on several podcasts and live interviews including CNN Money, Daily Herald, Big News Network, CBS, FOX, ABC, Sonoran Living, The List, The Connect Show, and The Arizona Republic.

Shauna has worked with business owners and investors to help them save over $740,264,635 in taxes and has presented on a variety of topics such as cryptocurrency, digital economy, tax strategies, accounting, business, and entrepreneurship.

She has the knowledge and expertise to provide your audience with valuable insights on these topics, and is available for both remote and in-person sessions.

Shauna is a great potential podcast guest because of her expertise in tax strategies, accounting, and business and entrepreneurship.

Her advice has helped numerous business owners and investors and she has been featured on numerous podcasts and live interviews.

She has an enthusiasm and knowledge that will be sure to captivate your audience, making her a valuable addition to any podcast.