Shawn Soszka

Functional Medicine Physician specializing in natural healing of Thyroid, Digestion, and Adrenal conditions.

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About Shawn Soszka


Shawn Soszka is a functional medicine naturopathic physician with 20 years of experience successfully treating thyroid, digestive, adrenal, and chronic fatigue conditions using an individualized holistic approach.

He is the author of the award winning book, The Thyroid Fix, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of natural medicine with others.

He has a natural ability to be engaging and explaining complex medical ideas in a clear and relatable manner.


Soszka is based in Portland, Oregon, and is fluent in English.

He is well-versed in Health & Fitness, especially in Alternative Health, Nutrition, and Medicine.

He is well-equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam, and is available on both Weekdays and Weekends.


Soszka is the perfect candidate to be a podcast guest due to his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of functional medicine.

He is passionate about educating others on natural medicine and empowering them with his knowledge.

As a professional speaker, he has the natural ability to engage listeners and explain complex medical ideas in a relatable manner.

He is the perfect choice for any podcast looking to add an expert in the field of functional medicine.