Stacia Crawford

Telling stories that engage, inform and entertain - that's my passion!

About Stacia Crawford

Stacia Crawford is an experienced media and visibility strategist, with a background in TV news production.

With her expertise in helping ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs and authors uncover the magic in their stories and use it to attract media opportunities, she has helped many clients turn hidden gems into PR machines and household names.

Stacia is a great storyteller and connects with audiences on an emotional level, keeping them engaged, informed and entertained.

Hailing from the United States city of Chicago, she is fluent in English and conversant in Business topics.

Her equipment includes a built-in microphone and webcam, and she is available for remote podcast interviews on weekends and weekdays.

Stacia Crawford is the perfect guest to bring onto your podcast.

She has an extensive background in media production and a strong ability to connect with audiences, making her an engaging and entertaining storyteller.

Her experience in helping ambitious leaders uncover the magic in their stories to attract media opportunities makes her a great asset for your listeners.

Book her for your podcast and she will ensure your audience is informed, engaged and entertained.