Stephanie Taylor

Discover the ethical way to start property investment with minimal funds - for everyone!

About Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is an award-winning Co-Founder of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success, an inspiring property management and development company in Wales, UK.

With sister and business partner, Nicky, Stephanie has generated contracts worth over £2m in under 3 years.

Specializing in multi-unit blocks, HMOs and commercial units, Stephanie has worked hard to bring beautiful, affordable homes to market.

With a passion for changing lives through property investment, Stephanie is dedicated to inspiring others to Believe Bigger, Be Bolder and Be Gamechangers for Good.

Stephanie is a highly knowledgeable and experienced speaker who has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, The Telegraph Newspaper, Property Investor Today and many others.

Her #1 best-selling book Rent to Rent Success - The ethical way to get started in property has over 120 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Stephanie is an excellent podcast guest, with the ability to share her experience, expertise, and knowledge on the ethical way to get started in property with little money.

Her inspiring and educational insights will be a great addition to any podcast.