Stephen G.

"Experienced Physician-Pathologist transitioning to the 'next chapter' after 40 years in the field."

About Stephen G.


Stephen G.

Ruby is a physician, pathologist, entrepreneur, teacher, creator and patented inventor with 40 years of experience in laboratory medicine.

He has held nearly all roles from lab tech to chairman, medical director, and laboratory owner.

He is a past president of the Chicago Pathology Society and the Illinois Society of Pathology.


Ruby has also been involved in several national pathology societies.

Now, Dr.

Ruby is transitioning to the next chapter in his life, where he is creating programs to help people transform their thoughts, ideas, and dreams into action.

He has developed the 'Fall Forward' and 'ThoughtCrafting' systems – frameworks to help people make better decisions and make their goals happen.

His 'Fall Forward' framework is the '5 C' system: Commit; Create; Collect; Commence & Complete; Critique.

His 'ThoughtCrafting' framework is the 'STITCH' system: Situation; Trigger; Interrupt; Tool; Create; Harvest.


Ruby is an ideal podcast guest, bringing decades of knowledge and experience in the healthcare field to help your audience learn how to impact their lives by using systems to break through common challenges of making better decisions and making their goals happen.

His insights will be highly valuable, and the stories he can share from his long career will be a great addition to your podcast.