Steve Dann

Max 30 words Expert in Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Thought Leader in Immersive Technology.

About Steve Dann

Steve Dann is an experienced technology expert and leader in Immersive Technology, specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Xtended Reality for Training and Education.

As Co-Founder & Chairman of Medical Realities, Steve has helped the company become one of the world's top ten disruptive medical companies and one of London's top disruptive companies.

Steve is well-versed in Interactive CGI Simulation, 360° Filming, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality.

He has a wide range of interests including Health & Fitness, Medicine, Technology, Medical Technology, Emerging Technologies, and Creative Technology.

He also has the necessary tools and equipment to be an effective guest, including a USB/External Microphone and Webcam.

Steve Dann is a perfect fit for any podcast looking to discuss or feature topics related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Technology, and other related fields.

With his extensive experience and knowledge in this field, he is sure to provide guests with an insightful and informative conversation.

His availability and guest format, which includes in-person and remote interviews, makes him a great fit for any podcast.