Steven Crissien

"Leveraging decades of experience, I help you reach success through workshops, seminars, and customer acquisition campaigns."

About Steven Crissien

Steven Crissien is a talented business facilitator and digital marketing expert with over ten years of experience helping established businesses in the hospitality industry grow.

He has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars, and launched multiple customer acquisition campaigns that generate cash flow.

Steven is highly knowledgeable in messenger marketing, funnel strategies, social media marketing, and paid advertising, and also ensures that his clients’ websites and data are secure.

Through his agency, Crissien Online, Steven works with top coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to help them build their business, expand their services, and maintain customer loyalty.

He is experienced in planning and executing live seminars, workshops, and masterminds for clients.

Steven speaks English fluently, is knowledgeable in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management, and has an interest in soccer.

He is equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone, Webcam, and is available for in-person and remote sessions.

Steven Crissien is an ideal podcast guest for any business talk show.

His knowledge and expertise in business, marketing, and digital security would provide valuable insights to any podcast audience.

His experience in customer acquisition campaigns, funnel strategies, and online security would give listeners actionable advice to help their businesses succeed.