Tanya Abbey

Mum of two, serial entrepreneur, book nerd and optimistic realist: Recruiting and loving sales.

About Tanya Abbey

Tanya Abbey is an entrepreneur, mum of two, and recruiter with 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry.

She is the CEO of Recruitcorp and the CEO/Founder of the Candidate and Career Consulting platform Placeme.com.au.

Tanya is also a volunteer Small Business Mentor under the Queensland Government’s Mentoring for Growth program.

Tanya is a strong networker and relationship builder with a passion for connecting with people.

She is a great communicator and has a wealth of knowledge to share on a variety of topics, including recruitment, management, sales, and running a business.

Tanya has interviewed over 8000 people in her career, and her experience makes her a great potential podcast guest.