Tara Milburn

"Engaging and personable sustainable branding entrepreneur, specializing in Workplace & Culture."

About Tara Milburn

Tara Milburn is a passionate and well-spoken entrepreneur focused on sustainable branding and workplace & culture.

As the Founder and CEO of Ethical Swag, a certified B-Corporation, Tara has been audited to the highest global standard for sustainability.

Ethical Swag is devoted to pursuing and promoting equitable practices within the corporate merchandise supply chain and making it easier for company owners and brands to make the right decision.

Tara has optimized her company for the remote work future, offering more flexibility for her team members and a sustainable setup.

Tara is a perfect speaker for any podcast discussing sustainability, business, entrepreneurship, feminism, and more.

She is an experienced leader who is knowledgeable on the topics of sustainability, corporate branding, and workplace & culture.

Her enthusiasm and personable demeanor make her a great potential guest for any podcast.