Tarryn MacCarthy

Maximizing business success and happiness: Dr. X, top 1% Invisalign Provider and Orthodontist, on Business of Happiness.

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About Tarryn MacCarthy


Tarryn MacCarthy is an Orthodontist and Business Owner from Portland, Maine.

She is the host of The Business of Happiness Podcast, a mission to empower business leaders to redefine success and rediscover happiness.


MacCarthy has achieved the Top 1% Invisalign Provider and is an experienced motivational speaker and Prosperity Coach.


MacCarthy has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by entrepreneurs and business owners, particularly in regards to the pressures of success leading to anxiety and depression.

Through her personal experience of finding happiness to precede success, she is passionate about guiding others to reach their highest levels of personal and professional fulfillment.


MacCarthy is fluent in English and is available for remote video interviews in the weekdays.

She is equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam.

With her expertise and unique insights on success, happiness and mental health, she would be an excellent guest for any podcast.