Tasha Chen

Unlock your wealth potential and learn to achieve spectacular success in business.

About Tasha Chen

Tasha Chen is a coach, speaker, and thought leader from Miami, United States.

With her "easy and relaxed" approach, Tasha has helped her clients manifest their greatest desires and create over $47.5 Million Dollars in the last 8 years.

She is the founder of The Science of Getting Rich Academy and the International Bestselling Author of Deservingness: The Art of Getting More of What You Want.

Tasha's primary audience are people wanting to learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and Manifest the life they Deserve.

Her topics of interest include “16 Money Traumas That May Be Sabotaging Your Income Earning Potential”, “Does Your Income Reflect Your Worth?”, “Cultivating a Mindset for Maximum Productivity”, “VISION Driven Employees”, and “Visionary Leadership”.

Tasha is a great potential podcast guest for anyone looking to provide value to their listeners.

She has an engaging Facebook group, weekly Facebook live and Clubhouse broadcasts, and an active email list for cross audience promotional possibilities.

Her unique knowledge and expertise, combined with her passion for helping others grow and live the life they deserve, makes her an excellent choice to be a podcast guest.