Teasha Cable

"Achieving 1.6% of VP's in the US, now CEO of the first Revenue Intelligence company founded by Black Women: An Inspiration to Us All."

About Teasha Cable

Teasha Cable is the CEO of CModel, the first revenue intelligence company founded by Black Women.

She is an experienced professional dedicated to helping companies transform vision into executable plans.

Teasha is a highly driven leader with extensive experience in business operations, development, and product strategy.

She has held positions as Vice President of Business Operations at Sales Impact Academy and Vice President of Business Development and Product Strategy at Singularity University.

Teasha is passionate about people, technology, and data, and speaks on topics such as leadership and culture, equity and inclusion, revenue operations, revenue intelligence, inspiration, and how to go from one place to another in your career.

She is a member of CHIEF, a private network designed to drive more women into positions of power.

Teasha is an excellent potential guest for any podcast, particularly those discussing topics related to business, startups, and leadership.

Her unique background and experience make her a great source of knowledge and insight on these topics.