Terry McGuire

Dynamic speaker on mental health, challenging stigma and inspiring suicide prevention through personal experience.

Mental Health
About Terry McGuire

Terry McGuire is a former broadcast journalist and voice talent who has used her own battles with depression to help others.

She is the founder of the Giving Voice to Mental Illness non-profit organization and the Giving Voice to Depression podcast, which has been dedicated to reducing stigma and suicide prevention.

Terry has interviewed more than 250 people who have also dealt with depression and is very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of mental health and wellness.

Her expertise in the field and her passionate commitment to helping others make her an ideal guest for any podcast focused on mental health and wellness.

Her pitch is compelling and her story is inspiring - Terry McGuire is the perfect podcast guest to discuss mental health, stigma, and suicide prevention.

With her first-hand experience and knowledge of the subject, Terry can provide a thoughtful and sensitive perspective on the issue.

Her passion and dedication to helping others will make her an engaging and informative guest, providing valuable insights to your audience.