Tetyana Denford

"Exploring the creative process and how books shape us during times of change"

About Tetyana Denford

Tetyana Denford is a multi-talented and experienced writer, speaker, and creative powerhouse.

With a BA in English and Italian Literature (Hons) from Middlebury College, and having studied Italian and English Literature in Florence, she has a vast knowledge and understanding of literature.

She has also translated documentaries for Frontline news, written freelance pieces for online and print magazines, and self-published her debut novel, Motherland, to 5-star reviews and a feature in Amazon’s ‘#1 New Releases’ list.

Tetyana also co-hosts a weekly YouTube show called ‘The Craft and Business of Books’ with an ex-publishing executive.

To top it off, she has an active Instagram platform with over 5,000 followers, including authors, influencers, literary agents, book publicists and media personalities.

As a dual citizen of both the US and the UK, Tetyana has a platform that reaches both Europe and America.

Her newest book, Conversation With Grief, deals with how grief re-shapes us and our lives and how we can learn from it.

Tetyana has a great pitch to offer as a podcast guest.

She has a deep well of knowledge and experience in writing, literature, and creative processes, and her strong presence across both the US and Europe make her an ideal candidate to talk about the journey of self-publishing, her debut novel, and her newest book.

Not to mention her expertise on how people use books to re-shape them, especially during upheaval.

Her passion for books, literature, and the creative process will make her a great guest for any podcast.