Tim Hayes

"Inspiring storyteller who went from writing to stars to sharing the stage with Amy Winehouse."

About Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes is an experienced business coach and entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom.

He has spent the past decade helping professionals transition from employment to purposeful business and helping entrepreneurs protect their inner peace.

He has a wealth of knowledge on topics such as corporate life, drug addiction and recovery, scaling businesses, relapse, recovery, sexuality, non-monogamous relationships, and more.

Tim is an excellent potential podcast guest.

His professional and personal experience, along with his expertise, make him a valuable source of knowledge in multiple fields.

His life story is both inspiring and relatable, and he can provide valuable insight into a wide variety of topics.

He is available for podcast interviews on both weekdays and weekends, and he can offer remote interviews as well.

With his studio quality microphone and webcam, Tim is sure to make a great podcast guest.