Tim Lagman

"Laugh out loud with Max: Fart Jokes, Sex Talk, and More!"

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About Tim Lagman

Tim Lagman is a certified sex educator based in Toronto, Canada.

He is an experienced former escort with a diploma in Business Management specializing in the music industry.

He is passionate about LGBT sexual health and advocating for pleasure and social activism, and loves to mix comedy and sex in and out of the bedroom.

Tim is also the host of his own podcast “Sex Ed with Tim”.

He can speak on a variety of topics related to sex, love, relationships and the LGBT community.

He has a great ability to take difficult topics and make them funny, which makes him a great potential podcast guest.

He is available for both in-person and remote appearances and is well-equipped with a webcam and studio-quality microphone.

His passion for the topics and his fun approach to them make him a great interviewee for any podcast.