Timothy Douglas

Connect. Dream. Achieve. Join my show and let's make ish happen!

About Timothy Douglas

Timothy Douglas is a driven real estate entrepreneur, host of the Living the Dream podcast, and founder of the Creative Dealmakers mastermind.

He is passionate about self-improvement, selling people on themselves, and finding ways to help people live a good life.

He is located in Austin, United States but is available for remote interviews in English.

Timmy has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he can share with listeners.

He has been through many adversities, including financial struggles and family-related issues, and has learned many lessons in the process.

His main goals are to secure financial freedom for his family and to raise the standard of living across the world to be equal to middle-class America.

He has the necessary equipment to engage in remote interviews, such as a webcam, and is available for interviews on weekdays and weekends.

Timmy is a great potential podcast guest due to his wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of business, real estate, education, and self-improvement.

He can provide insight into the challenges he has faced, the lessons he has learned, and share his inspiring goals.

He has a compelling pitch to bring to the show: "Come on the show and let's talk dreams and goals!

I want to build an audience of super connectors whose sole purpose is to make ish happen." Get ready to be inspired and get tangible action steps to make your dreams come true with Timothy Douglas.