Tissa Richards

Tissa: Authentic, trusted leader inspiring transformation and helping you find your voice and value to stand out and get hired.

About Tissa Richards

Tissa Richards is a highly accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and leader in the tech industry.

She is a three-time software founder and CEO and has received multiple patents for her innovative cyber security products.

She has been acknowledged for her product innovation and she often delivers inspiring keynotes to global audiences.

Tissa is currently also an executive coach, helping others develop their leadership skills and defining their value propositions to stand out and get hired.

Tissa is the perfect guest for any podcast looking for a unique perspective on leadership, entrepreneurship, and cyber security.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, she will provide insightful advice and guidance to help listeners make the best decisions for their professional development.

Her upcoming book, Leading Your Way, will provide an even more in-depth look at her approach and thinking.

Don't miss the chance to have Tissa as a guest on your podcast - she is sure to provide an authentic, bold, and inspiring conversation!