Tommy Burke

"30 years of success in TV & film: candidly discussing the realities of cancer, industry advice, and living with Parkinson's."

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About Tommy Burke

Tommy Burke is an experienced industry professional with nearly 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

From bar hopping in Boston to working on award winning TV shows and films, Tommy has built an impressive career in the industry.

He has earned his nickname \u201cthe Irish Bull\u201d through his tenacity, authenticity, and resilience.

He has served as Assistant Director for productions such as Close to Home, Skin, CSI Miami and the pilot for Desperate Housewives.

Nicknamed \u201cThe Irish Bull\u201d by his colleagues, Tommy even continued to successfully direct Chicago PD for 5 years despite his diagnosis with Parkinson\u2019s disease in 2019.

Tommy has valuable insight into the industry, having been an insider and leader in it for so long.

He speaks candidly and openly about his experience going through cancer, his 30 years of TV & film work, and his advice for getting into the industry.

His memoir-meets-handbook, Not Just Sunglasses and Autographs, is an endearing story of overcoming the odds through dark humor, tenacity, authenticity, and a smile.

With his background in the entertainment industry, Tommy Burke is a compelling podcast guest for any show related to TV & Film, Self-Improvement, Filmmaking, and Education.

His unique journey of overcoming the odds and his wealth of industry knowledge and experience, make him a great potential guest for any podcast.

With studio quality microphone and webcam, Tommy is also fully equipped for a remote interview, and is available on both weekdays and weekends.