Trys Reddick

"Trys: Mental Health Trainer and Founder of IPL Radio, bringing Health and Wellness to the Community".

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About Trys Reddick

Trys Reddick is a Mental Health Trainer and the founder of IPL Radio, a Community Radio station that broadcasts across five countries to promote better Health and Wellness.

After being diagnosed with OCD and Agoraphobia at the age of 12, Trys became a recluse and only found a passion for recovery at the age of 30.

He then went on to work for five years in Employment Services before becoming a self-employed Mental Health First Aid Trainer in 2015.

Trys is a passionate and experienced speaker, who can speak on topics such as Mental Health, Health and Fitness, Careers, Non-profit, Management and Education.

He is also equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam, and is available for both In-person and Remote guest formats on Weekdays and Weekends.

Trys Reddick would be an excellent podcast guest due to his experience in Mental Health, his knowledge of Health and Wellness, and his unique story of overcoming the challenges of OCD and Agoraphobia.

His inspiring story of recovery and his inspiring radio station, IPL Radio, are sure to be a great hit with the audience.