Tuck Ross

Award-winning marketer with 20+ years experience in marketing, digital, and social: Disney, Hasbro, and more. Expertise you can trust.

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About Tuck Ross

Tuck Ross is an award-winning senior vice president of marketing with 20+ years of experience at prominent industry giants Disney, Hasbro, and Guitar Center.

Tuck is a strategic MBA marketer who has driven proven business growth in multiple areas, from retail and ecommerce to entertainment and financial services.

His expertise lies in marketing strategy, digital sales, CRM & lifecycle, paid & social media, content development, and digital product development.

Tuck is a great potential podcast guest due to his vast knowledge and experience in the marketing industry, as well as his ability to provide practical advice and actionable insights.

His impressive background and the variety of topics he can discuss make him an ideal guest for any podcast looking to bring in an experienced and knowledgeable speaker.